"After buying a home or a car, the purchase of a vinyl fence is one of the larger purchases you’ll ever make. You can’t afford to make wrong decisions." 

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(This book can be easily adapted to the purchase 
of wood fence or wrought iron fence)

From The Desk Of Michael Goldman
Klamath Falls, Oregon

Hi There, 

It’s a big decision isn’t it? Making a safe investment isn’t easy these days. Buying a quality vinyl fence can be very expensive and you don‘t want to screw it up. That’s why you’re here with me now. You’re hoping that I can help you make the right choices. Well, I’m happy to say that you’ve already made your first right choice. You’ve taken the first step in the process that will save you a whole lot of money, and also prevent the many headaches and heartaches that come from making a uninformed buying decision of this size.

My name is Michael Goldman and I have sold vinyl fencing for many years. I take great pride in being affectionately known as, the ‘Fence Doctor‘. After many years in this industry, assisting folks like you with their vinyl fence purchases, I’ve developed a near perfect record of success and have become very skilled at guiding people to make
educated decisions which led to satisfied  purchases. Through the years I have also heard horror stories of vinyl fences being purchased that have left people frustrated to the point of tears by all of the problems they encountered. You’re right to worry because making the wrong decision  on a major purchase, can cause you a lot of pain.

In the fence industry vinyl fence is also known as pvc fence (poly vinyl chloride), pvc fencing, which sometimes is referred to as plastic fence or plastic fencing.

You don’t have to be stupid, to make stupid mistakes.  

“There was this Doctor who found out that one little mistake can cause a whole lot of pain. He thought he’d handled his vinyl fence  purchase in a very careful manner, step by step from the purchase to the installation. It was just like he wanted. The finished product made the expense and effort well worth it until…the knock on the door.

It seems the good Doctor made one tiny but very critical mistake. He didn’t research the building codes in his particular county. He’d taken it for granted that the standard vinyl semi privacy fence with 5/8ths of an inch spacing between the pickets would work just fine. Well it seems that his particular county code demanded that all fencing have 1 inch spacing so that local law enforcement will be able to see into every backyard.

That knock on the door by code enforcement led to tearing out the already installed fence and replacing it with one that matched code. It caused this Doctor a lot of real pain, emotionally and financially. If only he had applied a little preventative medicine by using our BUYERS GUIDE and following our thorough ‘steps to success‘ free bonus. He could have avoided the hassle and expense of replacing the original fence.”

You shouldn’t believe everything you read…

“It’s spring and those big Home Improvement Chain Stores are baiting their hooks with sales circulars advertising lower prices for their vinyl fences. This is one of the most misunderstood issues in the industry. Some people are lured in with the seemingly cheaper “panel prices” only to find, at the time of purchase,  that the costs of posts and caps were not included. All of a sudden, that big Chain Store price wasn’t so great after all.

Also, most people aren’t aware that the H.I.C.S. fencing vinyl is generally the lighter weight, lower quality “residential grade” as opposed to the stronger and more durable “commercial grade” fence vinyl offered by vinyl fence companies. Our GUIDE tells you just what you can expect from all the different grades and types of vinyl. So, if you’re looking for safety and security for your beloved children and pets. Don’t find out the hard way that, you get what you pay for.”

Even though installing a vinyl fence is relatively easy. It’s even easier to make a big mistake. One that really hurts, both financially and physically.

“I got a call one time from a fence company. It seems they’d found out that the customers had miss measured the fence line after they had already set the posts in cement. Not only did they have to pay the extra costs to order and ship new posts to replace the ruined ones. They had to dig out and get rid of the brand new (but totally useless) cemented posts. Our GUIDE will show you an extremely easy technique to make sure this never happens to you.”

As you can see, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. That’s why you need to research before you call the fence companies. Do you know the single most important question you need to ask before you buy a vinyl fence?

What size do I need?

How strong is it?

What colors does it come in?

Nope. It’s none of the above.

The single most important question you need to ask before buying a vinyl fence is…

What questions do I ask?

There’s a whole lot you need to know about vinyl fence and fence dealers aren’t going to tell you, unless you know what to ask.

That’s why we created the VINYL FENCE BUYERS GUIDE, because there’s nothing like it in the marketplace. It’s an honest and unbiased look behind the scenes at vinyl fencing. 70 pages of need to know information right at your fingertips, before you start talking turkey with the fence companies.

"…the Vinyl Fence Buyers Guide is a priceless resource! An easy to read step by step approach that walks you through each and every phase in the purchase and general installation of your new Vinyl Fence."


From the basics…

Ÿ  Not all Vinyl is Created Equal

Ÿ  Size Really Does Matter

Ÿ  Home Improvement Chain Store

to the essentials… 

Ÿ  Finding the Right Company

Ÿ  Receiving Shipments

Ÿ  Installation

and a whole lot more.      

Ÿ  Get it Wholesale

Ÿ  Buying on the Internet

Ÿ  Foreign vs. Domestic

It’s not a trade manual, full of industry jargon and dry terminology. We wrote it for you, the buyer, as a quick, easy read. Filled with all the critical facts and information, written in a straight forward and sometimes humorous manner.  

It will save you time and money. And right now, due to the current financial crunch, we are cutting our price to just, $12.00. That’s right, just $12.00. That’s a small price to pay for the accumulated knowledge of years of experience. Especially considering how much money you will save and the peace of mind you will have when you are making educated buying decisions.

“A Vinyl Fence purchase and installation can be very expensive and confusing. Wouldn’t you like some help?  This guidebook is filled with all you will need to know before and after you buy your vinyl fence. It takes the risks out of buying!”

We have taken months, compiling and editing all of these facts and I am so confident with our results that I am willing to bet you the $12.00 that you’ll be happy with your purchase. If you’re not completely satisfied with the VINYL FENCE BUYERS GUIDE, you can return it within 60 days for a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

You won’t be just saving money but you’ll be saving your time and energy because if you buy right now you’ll also receive the,

Early Buyers Bonuses (worth more than $200.00) absolutely free!


*  Already done for you.

 1. Names and contact information of the Major Vinyl Fence       Manufacturers. Let your fingers do the dialing. You’ll have all the information already at your fingertips.

 2. A prepared list of the critical questions you need to ask to     gather the essential information you need to know before  you   buy.

3. A complete and prioritized check list of our ‘steps to success’ to follow. So you won’t be surprised by some little thing you forgot to do along the way.

*  Measurement Calculations to use when you are measuring your   fence line to determine exactly what materials you need to order to completely finish your project.      

*  A Complete A to Z - Glossary of terms, takes the guess work out of industry buzz words, preparing you to present yourself as a confident and educated buyer when you negotiate with the fence dealers.



Dear Sir,

My husband didn’t want to get your book at first. He didn’t want to spend the money. He figured he would just go down to Home Depot but I told him if we were going to spend all that money on a new fence we can spend a little more to know what we are doing first. I’m real glad we did and so is my husband. You have it all right there in your book and it was fun to read too. We are going to follow your directions and save a lot of money.

Thank you again,
Becky Sutton
Columbus, Georgia

Wow! lots of great info, this was a huge help to us. Well worth the $.

Toledo, Oh.

This book was a great asset to us when we bought our vinyl fence.
I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy new vinyl fence to
read this book first. It is a must have!

May & Bob
Sioux City, Iowa

I want to thank you for your great guide. We need to get a new fence and I have been nervous about such a big investment. Talking to those fence company people is like talking to mechanics. Most of the time I’m not sure what they are talking about. Since we got the guide we are a lot more confident. You make it really easy to understand the whole process. I’m still nervous about all the money but at least now we know how to get our moneys worth. Thanks again. 

Tony Sobello
Akron, OH

This is the best, most informative and valuable guide on Vinyl Fencing I have seen! Thank you!

Trisha R.

Thank you for the quick solution to my problem, pleasure doing business
with you. Thanks much. AL



I purchased the Vinyl Fence Buyer’s Guide over the weekend.  I found it to be very informative.  We are planning to have a 6ft privacy fence installed around a pool.   I do have a couple of questions that I would appreciate your thoughts on:

 1)  I have one dealer telling me that if we buy 8ft fence sections (versus 6ft) that the fence will sag in the middle and will blow down in high winds.  The 8ft fence uses 5 x 5 .160”wall posts and 2x8 .080” ribbed rails with aluminum u channels.  I live in a fairly windy area & don’t want any issues down the road.  What do you think?

 2)  In the buyer’s guide, you mentioned how everyone has a different opinion based upon what they sell.  I have certainly seen that.  They all seem to bad mouth the competitors product.  This makes it difficult to determine if you are buying a quality product.  The company I am leaning toward using is Boundary Fence & Railing Systems in New York.  Have you ever heard of them or have any opinion?

Thanks again for the buyer’s guide.  I believe that it will save me loads of money in the long run! 


Steve Miller



 “…it cuts through all the crap. It’s 70 pages of straight talk. A simple     step by step guide on how to buy and install a vinyl fence.”


We’re not trying to sell you fence. We’re just leveling the playing field.

It’s a buyers market right now. Our GUIDE will give you the information you need to take full advantage of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now!

As I said earlier, the VINYL FENCE BUYERS GUIDE is the only manual of its kind on the market today!

And at only $12.00 (for the download version), with a money back guarantee, you can’t lose!

You’ve already taken your first step. It’s time to take the next!

Order now!

We know that, you’ll be happy you did!

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